Stomach Cancer Causes

Stomach Cancer Causes

Even though the precise cause of Crohn's disease is tranquil unidentified, an arrangement of ecological factors and genetic predisposition seem to be the cause of disease. Genetic risk factors have been fully elucidated, making it the first Crohn's disease, genetic diseases, complex, whose origin was understood. The relative risk of contracting disease, which is a mutation of one gene, the risks are in fact very low (about 1:200). Generally speaking, the genetic data suggest that the immune system in patients with congenital disorder Crohn's disease and the direct evaluation of the patient's immune function confirms this. This disease is seen as innate immunity, is "Chronic inflammation caused by adaptive immunity trying to compensate for decreased function of the innate immune system.
Stomach Cancer Causes


Some studies indicate that Crohn's disease may have a genetic cause. People who have a brother or sister withthe disease, has thirty times more possible to develop than the wide-ranging population.

Mutations inthe CARD 15 gene (as well recognized as NOD2 gene) are associated with Crohn's disease. In previous studies had only two genes were associated with Crohn's disease, but scientists believe that genes play a role in more than thirty in the disease, either directly or indirectly through intermediary variables as the cause. Abnormalities of the XBP1 gene have only just been found that the causal factors of inflammatory bowel disease.

Environmental factors

Because of its prevalence in highly industrialized areas of the world, it is believed that the diet may be one of the causes of disease. Positive correlation between the incidence of disease and amplified ingestion of milk protein, animal protein and a higher proportion of omega6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega3. It was rather found a negative correlation of this disease in an increase in consumption of vegetable protein and no correlation with fish protein. The smoke turned out to be an important factor in increasing the risk of recurrence is active. The introduction of hormonal contraception in the United States in 1960 is associated with a dramatic increase in the incidence of Crohn's disease. Although a causal relationship has not been demonstrated in the fact that he still regards these drugs affect the digestive system in a similar way as with smoking. Numerous scientific studies have postulated a "isotretinoin as a possible cause of Crohn's disease in some individuals.
crohn s disease and cancer

The immune system

Abnormalities in the immune system have often been considered because of Crohn's disease. Many believe that disease is an autoimmune disease caused by an abnormal response to cytokines lymphocytes. The gene, which more recent studies of closely related ATG16L1 with Crohn's disease, which may cause "autophagy and can hinder the body's ability to attack invasive bacteria.

Unlike prevalent suggests that Crohn's disease is a disorder of autoimmune T cells, some studies suggest that results from a deterioration of the innate immune system. Immunodeficiency virus, which has been shown that it is (at least partially) to reduce the secretion of cytokines by macrophages, is believed to be due to an inflammatory reaction, especially in the large intestine where the bacteria is very high.