Food Allergy Oral provocation test

The oral provocation test used to confirm the diagnosis of food allergy to a food.
It is conducted under medical supervision, is the administration of the suspect food orally in gradually, with careful assessment of any symptoms successors. In case of presentation of these you should be withheld and if administering medication. The tests were preceded by triggering an appropriate washout period of the suspected food, the test is conducted on the condition that the patient can not use drugs that interfere, also the test shall be performed in a hospital setting and is a good prudential rule that the patient has already made a venous access (catheter already inserted into a vein) for a possible rapid administration of rescue medication in case of shock successor.

The most reliable method is to conduct double-blind (neither the patient nor the doctor must know who is the champion with the offending food), but often we accept the single-blind, questocaso only the patient knows who is the champion with the offending food.

The tests are carried out when no outbreak is suspected or when a reaction anfilattica allow the tests already carried out a diagnostic certainty of food allergy in relation to the offending food.

The various types of oral provocation tests are:
tests in the open: the food is taken in the usual way, but when the result is ambiguous to perform the test in a blinded fashion.

single-blind tests: the suspect food should be mixed with other foods and should not be recognized by the patient in this case an error of assessment by the physician subjectivity is possible, as this error is considered to be statistically small.

double-blind placebo test: the suspected food is placed in capsules, they are of 2 types: with food and without food. These days are to be taken away from each other. With this type of examination the error evaluation of the physician and the patient is minimized. This method is measured the decisive factor set for diagnosing food allergy, and is used primarily in research surveys. He is currently the simply absolutely objective way to be sure of an unsympathetic reaction to food.