The importance of breast feeding

Interesting data on all ' breastfeeding emerged from a recent survey conducted by the Unit Operations of Pediatrics and Neonatology University Scientific Institute.

Among the most important data, it was found that about 74% of the mothers interviewed breastfed their first child up to the 7th to 8th months, moving on to formula milk until they reach one year of age. It is thus clear evidence that mothers with basic homegrown consider breastfeeding.

Breast milk is in fact produced by the diverse hormones circulating in the female body during the months of pregnancy prolactin and oxytocin, the first is essential for the production of milk and the second issue, that is for breast feeding.

But contrary to what one might expect, the female body begins to produce milk only after childbirth, but by the 5th month of pregnancy. More than milk itself, what is produced is colostrum: a very thick liquid and a yellowish, very rich class of immunoglobulin A.

Another curiosity is little known lactation induced, which makes it possible to breast milk even by those who have never been pregnant.