Saddlebags - A stubborn woman problem

In saddlebags means the fat in the hip and bum area, down to the inside of the knee. They mainly occur in women.

It is striking that women with saddle bags often have a more delicate upper body and that for many women an additional aesthetic problem is.

In addition to the problem of uneven silhouette of the women suffer from a disturbed skin, which is in unsightly cellulite dimples or simply shows.

Saddlebags are investment holding, however, and almost every diet and sporting activities was. However, you can also indicate a Liphödem - means that it is a congenital disorder of fat distribution. Symptoms of a wide Liphodem is an increased tendency to bruise, touch and pain, but also spider veins. However, in saddle bags as opposed to always Liphödem both legs and sometimes affects the upper arms.

For light riding breeches, a treatment to help with Endermologie. Endermologie is a special massage technique with a technique developed for this device. The massager relaxes the tissues and works deep in the tissue. As a result of treatment is firmer skin, a tempered cellulite picture and a mitigation of the classic problem areas of fat deposits legs, abdomen, buttocks and hips.

Other studios are using the cupping method, special Lymphdragainagen, winding or manual massage techniques to reduce the saddlebags. Many of these methods help, but not pronounced saddle bags.

Stubborn saddlebags can often have a liposuction, liposuction or also get "Body Styling" under control. In a Heidelberg clinic in 1998 a study was conducted by over 50% of the liposuction was used against saddlebags. About 80% of patients have opted for purely aesthetic reasons for this procedure.

Over 90% of treated patients reported in this survey that they were so pleased with the surgery that they can recommend it. Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed Cosmetic Surgery in plastic surgery.