Fat-way syringe

The injection lipolysis: Known as the grease-way syringe ...

Not just overweight, but normal-weight people have some problem areas. Usually, the fat pads can also through sport and healthy diet can not be reduced. Where previously a costly surgical procedure was necessary, can nowadays, treatment with the fatty-way syringe, also called injection lipolysis, the problem areas to be permanently disappear permit.

The treatment is an outpatient basis. Here, a session usually lasts 15 to 20 minutes. For successful treatment more than four meetings in the regular intervals of 14 days are necessary. The fat-away injection is a cheap and nearly painless alternative to surgery, which can be connected in some circumstances even with a longer hospital stay and complications.

With a fine needle, the active ingredient in the phosphatidylcholine to reducing body fat that is injected. The active ingredient is a prescription and contains lecithin from soybean, which has been used for over thirty years, used against fatty deposits in blood vessels. Lecithin in no way detrimental to the human body, because it is generally produced in animal or plant cells and in human cells.

The lecithin acts as a fatty acid carrier and binds the fatty acids. This allows the fat without problems through the lymphatic system from the treated areas are removed and degraded in the liver. Thus, the fat dissolves completely and permanently on and will occur in the problem areas again. Risks or side effects are still unknown. Shortly after treatment there may be only a slight burning or pressure sensation, which after some time, but disappears again.

The grease-way syringe strengthening natural processes is achieved in the body because the fat present is already bound in smaller quantities and taken away by lecithin. Treatment with the fatty-way syringe can cost 423-1270.35 $. Depending on the price of the number of the necessary meetings and the areas to be treated.

The fat-displacement syringe is only suitable for people normalgwichtige since being treated with this method, only small amounts of fat and can be removed permanently. Treatment with the fatty-way syringe can be used for cellulite, bags under the eyes pronounced, with a double chin, thighs and knees and lower legs and the male breast. In general, can be successfully treated by injection lipolysis all problem areas.